Frequently Asked Questions

To save your time (ok, ours), we've compiled a list of the questions that may be tickling your brain after browsing our website.

What to do if the property manager doesn't want to use Live Space?

You can use our service among the community of owners without the permission or cooperation of the property manager. The most important thing is that the representatives of the flat owners are registered so they can record the current status of problems, prioritize tasks and inform fellow residents about all important events happening in the block of flats.

Is your service charged?

Anyone can try out our service for 30 days completely free of charge without any commitment or hidden fees. We offer assistance and tech support for the users, including the initial setup of the service.

What is the price after the free trial period ends?

The standard price after your trial period is 0.59 EUR per apartment per month. But, here's the deal - pay for 6 months in advance and get a 10% discount, or go all in and pay for 12 months to receive a whopping 20% discount!

I manage several blocks of flats. Can I get a bulk discount?

Live Space enhances digitization and innovation very much. That's why we're delighted to offer discounts. Want to see how much you can save? Reach out to nase@spolocnebyvanie.sk for a discount estimate.

We can't afford your service, we're just a small block of flats. Do you provide a program for such cases?

For up to 30 flats, we're offering our app free of charge for 1 full year.

What are the benefits of using Live Space?

Fully digital management and communication within your block of flats; Reduction of your managing, communication, and administrative costs; One place for all the important documents that you can never overlook again; Continuously evolving services and tools that enhance daily life for flat owners, representatives, property managers, associations of flat owners, and developers; The service raises the bar for property management, efficiently saving time and costs. You'll definitely appreciate the comfort and transparency provided by the digital management system.

Who is Live Space for?

For everyone, for you! Our service makes everyday life easier for residents, representatives, property management companies and their technical staff, as well as for institutions managing commercial properties. Read more about the outstanding benefits HERE.

What's the story behind Live Space?

In 2011, a brilliant idea was born with the aim of simplifying the lives of thousands of individuals who struggle with the daily challenges connected to managing blocks of flats. At the very beginning, this concept was just a humble system for reporting drawbacks in a block of flats - we used this tool exclusively for our own needs. However, as time passed, more and more people took notice of our solution and by 2012, we had our first registered users. Fast forward to 2016, our system experienced a shock - transformative change, evolving into a technology packed with benefits and actual features. And as our user base grew, so did our determination to keep improving. By 2018, we were already proud to have 2,500 users with us. In 2019, we founded Spoločné Bývanie s.r.o. (Live Space Ltd.) and set out on a journey of endless improvement. Here we are today, with 20,000 satisfied residents relying on our web app and a lot more waiting to join us every day. We promise that we will never be satisfied enough with the number of users, however, always grateful for each one. Thank you for being a part of our story!

In which regions can I use Live Space?

In every region without any restrictions! :) SMS notifications are sent primarily to Slovak and Czech phone numbers, but exceptions can always be made. The web app can be used in Slovak and English version.

Does the Live Space web app meet the privacy policy?

The LiveSpace web app is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) No. 2016/679 of 2018.

Is my data protected when using Live Space?

All the communication that takes place between the users is encrypted, thus ensuring a high level of security. Sensitive data is also encrypted on the server so that only the author has access to it.

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